Greater Genesee County ACO


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Shared Savings Distribution and Investment
    The Greater Genesee County ACO participants will share savings generated by the Medicare Shared Savings Program based on the ACO participants' proportionate share of assigned Medicare beneficiaries relative to the ACO's total number of assigned beneficiaries.
    Each ACO participant will reinvest 20% of the shared savings into the ACO, which will be used to promote the ACO's objectives to use evidence-based resources to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare to its assigned beneficiaries while lowering the overall cost of this care.  Any remaining funds at the end of the year beyond what is necessary to maintain the ACO will be distributed back to the participants.
    The remaining 80% will be distributed according to the ACO participants and will serve as incentive for the participants to promote evidence-based medicine, beneficiary engagement, and coordination of care with the overall intent to improve care and lower cost.
    This payment methodology is designed to enhance the efficiency of care provided to the ACO's assigned beneficiaries and encourage ACO participants to coordinate this care more effectively, eliminating waste in spending for unnecessary or duplicate service